Save The Date… November 15th

Musical Bingo - Class of 2020 Fundraiser click here to see the fun!

Dear Class of 2020 Families,

Welcome to Senior Year for your child! The Class Officers have planned many terrific events that will make this year special! Please consult this calendar that lists many of those events and their dates. Some dates are still to come. Two important dates to put on your calendar are Prom on June 3 and Graduation on June 7.
The Parent Advisors would like your help on various committees for Senior events. More on that soon but please let us know if you would like to help. Kim Savage has already taken the lead on Musical Bingo, an important class fundraiser scheduled for November 15. Please come! It will be a fun night!

You can get news and updates from the Class Officers on Instagram @20whs20 or the class website Mia, Connor, Christian, and Nicole are doing a great job!

We're excited for all that's ahead!


Class of 2020 Parent Advisors

Amanda Lewis, Caroline Kinsbourne, and Anne Westlund

Class of 2020 Grad Party Tickets on Sale at WHS Open House

 Registration for the WHS Class of 2020 Graduation Party taking place Sunday, June 7- Monday, June 8 is now open. This party is a long-standing Winchester tradition and is a not-to-be missed event that provides a final opportunity to celebrate with your entire graduating class. There will be music, food, fortune telling, hypnosis, blackjack, and many other games and walks down memory lane.  

 Early Registration Discount

Students who register and pay early will enjoy a discounted ticket price of $55 through January 1. Registrations received on January 2 or later will pay a standard rate of $60. Registration form and instructions are available here.

Register Thursday Night @ WHS Open House

We will be selling tickets at the WHS Parent Open House on Thursday, September 19.  Register your student for the event and cross this end-of-year task off your to-do list.  Early registrations are also a HUGE help to the small committee that plans the event! Thank you!

Volunteer opportunities

There will be volunteer opportunities announced in the spring for parents who would like to support the event by: providing digital pictures from grade school through high school and/or helping with party itself (set up and clean up).  Parents of students in grades 6-11 will chaperone the party.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Party Committee or email us at

 Kerry Campbell (

Toni Dunleavy (

Kim Fruend (

Danielle Ladd (

Jean Marcella (

Kate McGeehan (

Jayne Micciche (

Megan Scipione (




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