PFA Meeting Notes – March 2016


March 8th WHSPFA meeting opened at 7:35pm.


Mikie Ulwick started the meeting and announced that Lori Scully is stepping away for the rest of the school year. For further information please email Mikie directly.


Mikie announce that Direct Appeal could not be here tonight. They have reached 93% of their goal and will keep asking until that goal is met.


Chris Kelley introduced the STEM group. She had a great shout out to Malini for doing a great job putting together the freshman transition for 8th grade to ninth.


STEM speakers:


Science: Michael Marchand was introduced. He showed an outline of what kids take each year and what is expected. Also spoke of MCAS science. He said the students will love the new chemistry and biology lab. It will be awesome and every class will have its own lab. They will have a forensics lab which the kids will love.


Chris Kelley jumped in and announced that our school had a perfect AP Chemistry score and a great science director Mike Marchand.


Technology: Kathleen Grace spoke about the Technology and Engineering along with the computer education. All new spaces next year.


New software language Python. They also have android apps. ( xcode for Iphones)


Kathleen also talked about the Technology and Engineering room with all new equipment, the innovation lab, and metal shop etc ... Woodshop is coming back.


Chris Kelley spoke again on how much Kathy and Mike have put into the new department.


Q: What do the courses do? Build websites or write code?


A: The STEM Team meets with the Guidance counselors and explain what each course is about and then the Guidance counselors meet with the students and guide them as to which courses will are best for them.


Technology is trying to tell the teachers why their students want to use that new space. They can create videos, etc. ... This space is called the (Creative Technology Center.) They have a great equipment to satisfy everyone’s hunger.


Q: Would you think of giving Technology courses during the summer?


A: Maybe after the construction is done. It is very hard to fit more classes in a day so to have a summer school so the students to take the great electives.


Tom Haver Math:


Tom spoke about all the math and AP math’s offered. He also touched on the AP computer science and SC Principals.


Colleges offer these same courses as no math major courses.


Q: AP statics course uses software built into it called stat crunch etc.


A: you can look at the catalog for more information explaining the course in detail.




Q: Some teachers give more work than other what do you do about this.


A: Guidance should help students and balance it out.


A parent made a comment and said how she met with Guidance and her daughter and they told her what courses were good, difficult hard and not so hard as to balance it out etc.


Q: Please explain Calc. vs Statics. How do you know which course to take to benefit the child?


A: you really need to look at both and see what the college requires and


then guide the student.


Secretary's reports minutes approved.


Treasurers report.


We have $28,298 in the Direct Appeal see attached report.




Kathy spoke if some grants were partial and they could not raise the rest. Then Kathy asked them to come back and they may review the grant and give the additional funding in the end.


Transition Night


Malini put together panel so the incoming freshman have information on what Winchester High school is all about from sports, community and clubs.


Part 2 of this is June 9th. Pals group. They are asking for the PFA's help as well to get involved with the High School tour


Mikie gave shout out for Mr. Buford Acapella Fest. Friday the March 18th.


Lynn Gifts: Received a Thank-you and a donation to the Winchester Sports Foundation. She sent 2 Condolences one to Kathlyn Kadette and Kyra Koman there was a donation made in memory of her.


Guest Speaker RE: the Hot Topic Box. Gerry Skinder.


Where are the missing conversations (as a union Rep we just represent perspective)


Academic Advisory council: They are a direct line of communication between teachers and students to find solutions for both.


They have created a committee to head up all the departments to discuss with the PFA's Hot Topics between Teachers and parents. There will be 6 parents and 6 teachers. They will both meet together and learn how to communicate in a non-adversary way. They want the best for the students .


They will discuss real world issues.


They also want the coach on board and to make sure he really understands.


They want the conversation to be straight forward.


Some questions to discuss:


Also are there different rules for different kids?


They say no yet it answer was it depends on the circumstances.


Should there be a voting on the topics?


Have conversations, Homework consistency.


Heidi Driscoll mentioned she is heading up the Auction to raise money for WFEE.


Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm