WHS PFA Meeting Notes 11/2/15 ** Approved**



The meeting was opened at 7:35pm by Lori Scully.


Announced school council meeting:  Janice Jens and Laura Krotky join with Heidi Driscoll.

Parent reps for freshman:  Ceci Gordon, Maria OŐConnor and Margaret Mack

Selling spirit wear- sachems black hats, wheel of fortune,


Mikie report for Direct Appeal:  goal is 30K, as of yesterday we made 20K, 17% of donation; itŐs important for the grants.  Our suggested amount is $75.  Weekly announcements


Minutes approved, with amendment to end


Bill: budget was 30K.  Need to get other 20K.  Planned expenditures are 26K which covers carryover. 

Motion to approve-no opposed; approved.


Interim Principal Report:


November Newsletter.  CanŐt believe we are already two months in.  Quarter/1st term ends next week.  Introduced- Jerry Skinder, English teacher;

Craig McKenzie- tech and math teacher, Marc Arria- AD, Dan P.


Auditorium- delayed till January- some has to do with the rest of the facility being worked on; looping system added on which affected all specs for bldg.

Fall play has been moved to Town Hall- play is during the week instead of weekend; but we are working hard on getting other timelines, like the outside work in the back- C Wing (woodshop, innovation, athletics and science labs)- plans on target to be done next September.  Working on 20 more mods for outdoors in the back to set up for next year to prepare for all the front classroom wings shutting down. 


Around school, 90% of our seniors applied to at least one school early action.  Why? Scholarship money goes in first round; SATŐs were a snag- noise complaints here.  Retesting in November in A and B Wings.  We would like to offer test sites in our community and continue to; but we need to – every senior who wanted them released got them released. 


Committee reports:


Grant approval:  Kathy and Karen

Had over $21K submitted for grants; with DA, we had to cut down to $12K; most grants we knocked down the amount but tried to give everyone something.


Lynn Phillips:

Gifts:  donation in memory of a parent, Andy Lang, who passed away and a donation made to the Win. Sports Foundation



Guest speakers:


Dot and Dan: 


Dan: RAD Program recap- 9 hours curriculum, thru Cummings grant and Coalition to instruct training at Tewksbury; this is a ladies program; Cogan and Arrea going to elem. Schools to work with kids; we are fortunate to bring this to our students; working on how to bring this to the boys; assaulted student talked about; we want to send off our students to college using your mind, awareness and voice recognition; defense moves to allow ladies to be assertive, and aggressive and escape. 

At Town Hall, Hidden in Plain Site- the bedroom is set up during this week to show what to look for in a bedroom; a short video on prescription medication, then go thru bedroom; flier about this Thursday; medication take back box at Police station- any medication to get ride of; needle kiosk as well, epipens in needle kiosk as well


Alcohol is still #1 risk to our youth, but marijuana climbing; Marcia Taylor, drug free kids, a panel Nov 9th- Griffin Museum

Medical marijuana-

Initiative to legalize marijuana- itŐs going to pass in MA, so letŐs get ahead of the curve


Amber Haines- nov 17th at HS – meeting about stress and depression


Marc Arria:


Lots of questions about financial reports for the fall season; we do not have all expenditures down to details

Budget- 80K shortfall for the budget this year; sports foundation added 40K, and the school committee matched it (vice versa); this will be helpful for spring season; we are on point with our revenue- user fees; every fall team has made the state tournament; golf is done, 2nd in league; football, field hockey, girls soccer, boys soccer, volleyball- wrapping up fall and gearing up for winter season; Athletic registration is open for winter on Family ID;



(Kelley); captains of sports teams meet every other Monday morning to talk about leadership, guest speakers, brand new this year- Coach Fleming started last year- he got the idea from Amherst College and wanted to do the leadership program here for the HS